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LIFTED ESCAPE: May 31 - June 3

This retreat combines small-group fitness and mental well being into a transformative and holistic retreat like no other. We bring you a truly nurturing experience using our irreverent humor and warm personalities to create a caring community that is challenging and fun yet unexpected and reflective. Set in stunningly beautiful locations, each trip is artfully crafted and cultivated by Ryan and Leonard to combine wholesome and nutritious meals, energizing and empowering workouts, and contemplative meditation, life coaching and a healing Reiki session. Join us to find out for yourself the power of Lifted Escapes.  


The Gay thing

The Gay Thing stands at the intersection of identity, sexuality, and spirituality. We are here to create a space where honest expression occurs through humor, curiosity, compassion, and open discussion.
We are here to discover who we are beyond the stories we have both inherited and adopted. We are here to question and explore. We are here to move the conversation forward.


Meditation Pod Cast

Over the last few years I have shared some of my thoughts following personal meditations on social media. I thought I would collect them for you here. These are thoughts on meditation; trying to put words to what we learn about our being through meditation. I hope you enjoy.