"During my life coaching session with Ryan I felt really safe which allowed me to not only divulge my self-talk but to be very receptive to his feedback and suggestions. I initially wanted to spend time - a lot of time - telling him about a situation that I was still feeling resentment towards a year later. But to my surprise, he did some crazy uplifting Jedi mind trick and we never got to deep dive into that situation. Instead, the focus was on building a road map to creating my wildest dreams - my own coaching services. He was so uplifting and really held space for me. Thank you, Ryan, for putting the mirror in front of me and reminding me of just how phenomenal I already am."



Thomas KANY

I've taken a few months of small group classes at Lifted and I just LOVE them. I really love the approach taken to the schedule of each class. I attend evening classes so it's great to start off with a meditation style decompression of your day, preparing yourself to be in the moment and fully aware of your body before you start using it. Following this is any variety of challenging strength training exercises using body weight and kettle bells moving pretty quickly. It's definitely challenging and a lot of fun, particularly with the great music that Ryan plays! Closing your session you have a legitimate meditation session which is unbelievably therapeutic and really leaves you feeling accomplished and in great spirits.





Taking a Lifted class is like hitting 'reset' on my mental and physical state. Ryan's dedication to form and the small class size, means everyone gets individual attention, from body adjustments to ensuring each person is challenged according to his or her strength and skill.  Plus, the music is fun and the participants fuel a strong positive vibe with none of the testosterone-fueled chest beating of other group exercise classes I've taken. I've seen my body transform in ways I did not think possible, so I know this program works