I won’t box you in with my approach, and I don’t like to be boxed in either. I’m a coach, breathwork practitioner, and fitness instructor. And I love working with people inside each and all of these modalities. On their own and together, they promote healing and joy.


Coaching (in-person or remote)

It feels important to reiterate that I’m a different kind of coach. Whether we work in-person or remotely, we won’t engage in mainstream coaching. I use fitness, breathwork, mindfulness, and other tools to design a program specifically geared for you and your healing. To learn more, schedule a free phone consult.

Breathwork (one-on-one or group)

I offer this powerful breathing technique one-on-one and in a group setting. To schedule or learn more, schedule a free phone consult.

Lifted On Tour

Lifted fitness classes are dynamic, unique movement experiences and one of my favorite ways to share empowerment, strength, joy, and mindfulness with the world. And we’re going on tour. You can now book a Lifted class for your studio, retreat, event, or office space. To host a Lifted class, reach out to me here.


Mindfulness, exercise, and community culture all increase efficiency and success. If you’re hoping to bring the next level of wellness into your business’s space, I offer boutique fitness and mindfulness classes and group breathwork sessions for startups and established businesses. I'd love to work with you. Contact me here.



Ryan makes the super tough work outs equal parts fun and spirit-filled. He plays amazing music and we laugh the whole time. The sessions are wrapped up with breath work and meditation where I have a chance to deeply connect with myself. It’s really powerful. No joke. Sometimes I cry. It’s like a therapy-night club-church-gym experience.
— Lis G.