I’m a different kind of coach.

My style is out of the box, and it’s designed for people like you who aren’t into cookie-cutter, mainstream approaches. I call on a decade of experience in personal training, meditation, and many different healing modalities to help you transition from feeling restricted in your life to experiencing more joy, truth, and possibility.

Healing work is an integral part of my approach.

I had a hard time with the word healing until I learned it’s a natural, inherent part of being a human. It’s how we free ourselves from feeling stuck or weighed down, and it’s our gateway to the life we want. Through fitness, mindfulness, coaching, and a powerful technique called breathwork, we’ll work together to fine tune your intuition and move past barriers and traumas that hold you back. These components make up my formula. No two sessions with me are ever the same. And each one might include one or all of these practices:



This is the most powerful practice I’ve ever encountered. I’ve seen people release trauma in a single session, shed decades-old patterns, and find more connection and love for themselves.
For more on breathwork, click here.



I love using fitness to help people bust through contraction and old body-based patterns. Our bodies contain so much intelligence. Also, endorphins create joy, which is a really helpful addition to a sometimes difficult healing journey.



Sometimes mainstream coaching can feel linear and restrictive. My approach is different. I help you break old patterns in your life, and my only goal is that you learn to trust your instincts.



Your ability to develop a clear head and strong gut is what makes our time together more effective, because you guide everything. There is no better tool for learning to wield your intuition and create a sharper mind than meditation.


Ryan has a magical way of helping you unlock your potential. Every conversation was preceded with a challenging workout and meditative moment, which helped me feel prepared for the coaching. Things I had been trying to do for years opened up to me after a few weeks of working with Ryan.