What is Breathwork?

Breathwork is an active meditation technique. It’s the most powerful modality I’ve ever worked with. Most clients say that it’s the first time in their lives that they’ve been able to quiet their minds. I’ve seen clients with depression, anxiety, and trauma see more progress in a few sessions than years in talk therapy.



It’s a meditation technique with a two-part inhale and single exhale done consistently for 20-30 minutes and followed by a meditation to return your breathing to normal. It clears stuck emotions, trauma, and energy rapidly and safely. It uses our breath to bring us into a deeper state of consciousness, overriding our brain to allow the wisdom of our body to be accessed.


YOUR ExperiEnce

Like any healing practice, your experience will be individual. The range for how people feel during and after breathwork is broad. Some people cry, yell, and/or laugh. Others drop deep into a trance state, feel high, or fall asleep. Most say it was one of the most profound experiences of their lives.



You won’t be the same after one breathwork session. Many people unwind behavioral patterns and limiting beliefs in just a few sessions. You may feel significantly less brain fog, anxiety, and inhibitions; have an easier time connecting with your family and friends; and experience more joy, peace, curiosity, and creativity. 


You don’t have to be at rock bottom to need this practice. It’s for everyone to experience more of themselves. I practice often as a way of clearing stuck emotions. I was lucky enough to study under David Elliott who founded this breathing technique. He remains the master teacher of breathwork today. I offer this practice one-on-one and in a group setting.

I’ve practiced many “alternative” practices such as yoga, meditation, reiki, acupuncture, etc., and this breathwork experience with Ryan was more profound and life-changing than anything I’ve done in the past. It’s like pressing a “reset” button and coming at life with renewed energy and clarity. Ryan also strikes the perfect balance of guiding you through the work but knows exactly when to step aside and let your body do its own healing. His presence was calming, supportive, and basically just perfect for this type of work.
— MAX M.