About ME


I’m an open book.

And, as a coach, my vulnerability is paramount to my practice. So here goes: I was raised religious in the country around a lot of animals. There weren’t many kids around, so I developed a keen imagination and creative spirit. Think: me in hot pursuit of my dog, Boomer, narrating her actions like a Nat Geo animal. Although I’m no longer a follower of organized faith, spirituality got me asking a lot of questions, and that curiosity weaves its way into everything I do.

For a long time, I was numbing out instead of turning in. I used exercise, drugs, sex, fashion, vanity, pornography, and you-name-it practices to work around the things in my life that didn’t feel true instead of moving toward or through them. This period left me frustrated, guarded, and disconnected from myself and the gifts I didn’t know I had. But it also catapulted me onto the spiritual path I’m still on today.

In 2009, I found movement as a way to connect to myself. Through working with my own body and teaching fitness clients, I discovered an intelligence that went beyond my mind. From there, I began to explore personal development, breathwork, and meditation practices and sharing each new insight with my clients. When I opened my gym, Lifted, in 2016, I knew instantly I had created a place where people could connect to themselves and each other not just on a physical level but through their emotional and spiritual experience of movement. And this is the foundation of my work as a coach–helping people navigate through all the levels. In 2019, I relocated to Los Angeles where I now lead weekly breathwork groups, teaching breathwork one-on-one, and coach clients. I also travel the country leading breathwork groups and teaching Lifted classes. Nothing lights me up more than sharing these healing modalities. And through the years, I’ve developed a really unique approach. Read more about how I work here.

What people are saying about me.

Over the years, people have said some really wonderful things about me and my gym Lifted, which I’m grateful for. You can find me featured in 7X7 Magazine and GOOP. And, in 2016, Well + Good listed us as one of the coolest new studios in the US!